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A Life Of Addiction by ReelOner

Some Decks...

Personal skateboard collection…just for graphics and vibes

Some Decks...

Trunk Boy'z Chocolate Team..

Raven Tershy, Elijah Berle & Stevie Perez First pro modèle 2013

Some Decks...

I love Cats and Monkeys..

Sanrio X Girl 2013

Some Decks...

Bicycle !

Magenta Soy Panday 2012

Chocolate Gino Iannucci 20??

Chocolate Rick Mc Crank 2012

Some Decks...


Michal Juras " Wallstreet" Artwork by Jacob Ovgren  2013

"American Impressions" Team board Artwork by Jacob Ovgren  2013

Hjalte Halberg "Cain and Abel" Artwork by Stephan Narancic  2013 

the last board is for skateboarding....8,1" and amazing shape !


The Best European Skate Brand 2013….with Magenta of course !


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